About Light Gauge Steel

About Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction

Custom or Premade Packages Delivered
We Customize Packages to Your Design

The flexibility of your Steel Framing package will assure you to fit your custom floor plans. We will convert any plans or sketches to fit in our Steel Frame Package.
See our How to Order page to begin the custom design process for your project.
We also have Premade Packages
• Low Cost Housing Options
• Mid to Upper Scale Housing
• Multi-Purpose
• Commercial & Multi-level Structures



Factory Produced

Cold Form Precision


All the frame components with absolute precision and fully processes all the framing components ready for assembly. Each part is dimpled and notched with the holes ready to accept fasteners so that components self-clip together with no clamping or drilling required. You can simply snap the studs together, add the screws and have a completed wall without needing a jig







Assembly Components

Standard Framing Members


The advantages of light gauge steel framing are abundant and you are probably already familiar with the typical light gauge steel framing members shown at the top of this page. You will notice the common sizes of cee studs and joists. In the center are the channel studs. Over to the right are runner channels.

Standard Steel Bracing

Standard accessories for light gauge stell framing: End clips are used to join members that meet at right angles. Foundation clips attach the ground-floor platform to anchor bolts embedded in the foundation. Joist hangers connect joists to headers and trimmers around openings. The web stiffener is a two-piece assembly that is inserted inside a joist and screwed to its vertical web to help transmit wall loads vertically through the joist. The remaining accessories are used for bracing.








Basic Assembly

Headers and trimmers for floor openings are doubled and nested to create strong, stable box members. Only one vertical flange of the joist hanger is attached to the joist; the other flange would be used instead if the web of the joist were oriented to the left rather than the right.

In summary, Canadian steel frame building will provide you with the highest quality materials for your design, or premade steel construction package.