International Representatives

Rafi Ma’oz

Project Manager for Israel

Project Manager Rafi Ma’oz comes to the company with more than 30 years of ‎experience managing projects both internationally and in Israel; from in Costa ‎Rica to Eilat, including private residential neighborhoods, public buildings and ‎hotels.‎ “The steel frame technology we use is highly regarded in the construction ‎industries in Europe, Australia and the U.S.” Rafi Ma’oz. ‎

‎We had a clear vision that the use of this technology in the construction of ‎these buildings will revolutionize the housing market worldwide. Our unique background gives us a significant advantage. We have in-depth ‎experience and expertise in a wide variety of types of construction projects: We ‎built private houses, added floors to existing houses, built hotels, public ‎institutions and logistics centers, among many others.