Estimate Requests

Pricing Inquiries, Cost Estimates and Quotes

Canadian steel frame building is supported by Dietrich Metal Framing Industries, the world’s largest light gauge steel frame manufacturing company.

Our main area of expertise includes steel frame design, shop drawings, steel frame members manufacturing, engineering drawings.  We also work in the consolidation of materials in ocean shipping containers for value loading and cost-efficient shipping. Call us and one of our estimators will gladly provide for you a one-time free estimate for your project.







Estimates for Galvanized Light Steel

Estimates for galvanized light gauge steel framing will include all the light gauge steel frame components necessary to complete the installation. The metal framing of your building is then engineered to be in code for your specific location.

Steel framing estimates typically consists of the following: interior and exterior wall materials (channels, studs),roof truss materials, floor joists (if applicable), permanent bracing material, valley and ridge caps, sub-fascia material, strapping materials, tie-downs and anchor bolts, connection clips, various types of fasteners; nails and screws.





Dry-In Estimates

Dry-in estimates include the items required to protect the framing so workers may continue construction regardless of weather conditions. This portion of the estimate will include the following materials: sub-flooring (decking), exterior sheathing ( sub-straits, cladding) vapor barrier (housewrap, Tyveck, etc), sub roofing (roof decking), windows, exterior doors, door hardware, locks and keys, garage door if applicable, ventilation accessories, and other regionally recommended items.







Material Packages for Substantial Completion

The list of material in this category will show estimated cost for Light Gauge steel framing packages. All dry-in materials group and interior paneling and trim, all door hardware and locks, interior doors, insulation materials for walls and deck areas, exterior siding, trim and accessories, roof finishing materials (shingles, metal all clay roofing) plumbing items, paint and other materials.

For kitchens and baths or other specialty installations, we recommend a budget. This can be reduced or increased based on the specific selections. These estimates include everything except for the items which can only be obtained locally to the job site. Costs estimated for each category will also include several materials to complete the package, (including but not limited to) glues, fasteners, caulking,  shims, and wood products.





Estimate Information Required

In order for us to be able to give you realistic steel framing estimates and accurate quotes, we require that you provide us with the following:

Name, address and location of your company
•    # Your company’s biography and experience in the industry
•    # Your name, position and purpose statement of the company
•    # The web-site address of your company
•    # A completed set of architectural drawings in AutoCAD format.

(Estimate requests should indicate requested type of roofing, siding, windows, doors, trim, casings, chair rail, crown molding, window sills, hardware color, flooring, and other desired items for realistic estimates) Inquiries not accompanied with the information listed above will be charged $300. This will be applied to the total purchase price. Estimates for our Exclusive Foreign Agents and estimates requested through your local Exclusive Foreign Agents are provided free of charge.