How to Order


Cost and Planning

In order to build any structure, we require a complete architectural design in AutoCAD format.

At this point, you can obtain a courtesy estimate at no charge, and if prices are in harmony with your budget, you may proceed with your plans. However, estimates from incomplete drawings, sketches and copies from web sites require more time, necessitating fees.





Steel Frame Engineering

Shop drawings and LGS materials list

Our LGS engineers who are familiar with all the LGS steel framing components, members, clips and fasteners manufactured by our plants will produce the shop drawings for your building.

Upon the review and approval of these drawings by you and your contractor, the engineer will compose the LGS materials list.



Package Manufacturing

The Materials list and the shop drawings are sent to one of our plants for the manufacturing of your steel framing system. This where your components are assembled and cut to specifications, ensuring that the package is exactly what you need. Excess, or insufficient material amounts cost both the customer and the supplier. Our goal is precision.


Palleting and Boxing

Following the completion of the manufacturing process, all of the pieces that make your steel frame package will be arranged on a pallet, and clips & fasteners will be boxed.

The total package will be at the docks ready to be released to the freight company.






From our loading docks to your jobsite

If you are only ordering the light gauge steel framing package, the complete set of skids and boxes can be picked up by the trucking company of your choice, on a flat bed truck, directly from our plant location.

If you are an international customer and your order includes other construction materials, then your steel framing package must first be transported to our consolidation warehouse. For international shipments, we use standard 20 feet or 40 feet containers.

A specially trained crew will receive and organize your materials coming from different manufacturers for the consolidation and container-loading process.

They will organize and stack your materials for the most efficient use of the container space, resulting in the best value for your shipping dollars. Warehouse fees, consolidation charges, documentation fees and loading fees will apply.